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September 21, 2011

Art Show アートの展示

I (Shoko Hachiya) am showing my art work with Christian Clemensha at Tin Can Ale House
till early October.

私(蜂谷翔子)とクリスチャン クレメンシャが共同でアートショーを十月の上旬までティンキャンアレハウス

This is my website.


Tin Can Ale House is an live venue that books local and touring bands.
Lots of good live acts, good selection of beer, and fabulous people.


September 10, 2011

A Day In September. 9月の1日。

It was the first week of September and the first rainy day after the summer faded.
I spent all morning having sex with my girlfriend in bed, on a chair, on a desk, on floor. It seems like I hate condoms more and more as I get older.


I love how her nose moves like a pink pig’s when she is shows affection. Today I got to see her lovable movement of her nose once. Although it is not as rare as rain in San Diego, she still does it only rarely.


I liked how the rain signed long summer’s declination and quiet but sure arrival of the fall like a poet. It hadn’t rained for very long time in San Diego. Season of change. It hits my every sense so I know.


I told that to my girlfriend, and she knew it too. So we had sex again. This time we set a mirror in front of the bed. We looked just like 2 snuggled up seals.


In the afternoon, I tried to add a symmetrical effect on my painting called “Where I Got Kidney Infection.” So far, I have spent 54 hours painting this piece, excluding 30 hours of staring.


I went out to Casbah with my friends at night. 7 more friends I wasn’t expecting to see were there.


Paul Remund was playing sharp and metallic drums behind 2 dancing girls dressed up in seductive Arabian styled costumes in a band called Carthedral X. Always liked Paul’s drumming. Somehow I felt like I was in San Francisco. But I was in San Diego. San Diego is a secret.


I realized that I didn’t like Chromatics that much when they were 30 minutes into their set. While I was telling that to my friend during the set, my feet and knees and head were still moving to their music. I could see the singer’s fake eyelashes from 20 meter away, and it pulled me.


Glass Candy was awesome. It pleased me every single time the singer screamed. I danced with my friends and all of us got all sweaty, and we laughed a lot.


After the show was over, I was chatting with my friends. Talked about new life. My friends moved to LA found needles on the ground in their new neighborhood. He took a picture of the needle and sent it out to his friends, “Welcome to the new neighborhood.”


When I stepped out from the building, night air was very fresh.

September 5, 2011

A Post You Should Be Able To Finish Reading.

When I was waiting in the line for the bathroom at the art event called Space 4 Art, a girl gave me this little card that says this (below in the quote) on it.

“MISSING: (The Commons) The commons are ares both physical and digital that exist through a sense of shared ownership. The commons can range from public sideways to free software culture. The commons are important in that these spaces allow for the exchange of ideas, informations and materials. They also allow for conflict and debate to be aired out publicly. These place have been or are being reduced due to the privatization of public spaces (malls, schools, libraries, sports arenas, convention centers etc.) and initiatives to regulate the internet geared toward corporate interests.”

I don’t mind if teenagers don’t get this. But if you ever claim that you have college education, you better get this, and have patience to finish reading this post.