JOY in Haze 霞の中のジョイ

A sushi chef who takes his pride upon logic, reasonability and modesty finally flipped out.


“I have feelings too gad dammit!”


The world of sushi chef has varieties of constraints too.


That night, the sushi chef went to Soda Bar to see a band called JOY.


Inside Soda Bar was filled with light and sound. Through layers of water and oil, projected blue and pink and yellow colored lights dilutely wrapped the surface of the stage and the musicians and people. The projector reflects the movement of water and oil when they move.


Dense, addictively energetic and technical music was overwhelmingly penetrating the air inside the venue without leaving any space, like massive outbreak of locust or jellyfish.


Everything was in haze. In the haze, what secular people call “something tangible” can’t be captured.


For instance, plans for 5 years later or something good for resumé.


But there a kind of thing we can only capture in the haze strongly exist. It breathes, has a series of internal organs, and possesses a substance just as clear as street cats do.


For instance, something like inspiration.


So, the sushi chef has to forget about secular “tangible things” and go solo as a craftsman for a while.


The sushi chef cannot give upon inspiration yet.



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