A Meeting ミーティング

I had a meeting this weekend.

We met at a bar on Saturday night.

The topics were rather broard, but somehow intertwined.

First, we talked about dysfunctional individualism and depressing collectivism.

Then we talked about the ratio of an certain kind of people throughout history, and if the ratio of the people could be changed by the better connectivity provided today.

While we talked, people were busily moveing around and stumbling at the bar. I saw a black-haired woman who had puked in the booth she was sitting at. And I saw her dozy facial expression.

Then we shifted to the topic to how a person could be carried away and change over time. And how subtle that change starts. Then about how one becomes less and less naive as one goes through one’s life. And what that means to be less naive.

Despite the matter of fact people were always drunk there, this night was a bizarre night. The way people got drunk was slightly different and somehow bizarre to my eyes.

And that strangeness could come from outside or inside of us. It is a reflection of inside or outside. But this night, it was because of something inside me. Something was changing inside me. And people were not kind.


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