Conversations About Nothing 1 意味のない会話 一

“What if three of us try to make money? We are not going to give a shit about anything but money.”

“How are we gonna do that?”

“What are we gonna sell?”

“…We can sell intelligence?”

“We certainly look pretty smart.”

“Ill just talk very smart and intelligent, and people gonna be like ‘can I just pay you?'”

“Yes you can.”

“If we fail and end up being poor, we can start playing soccer on the street.”

“And play music.”

“And make art.”

“And post high quality blogs.”

“Or maybe Ill just go to developing countries to do volunteer works to help little kids there while manipulate them, and tell them to get on my website when they are older.”

“That’s messed up.”

“I heard a lecture about a history of leisure. Apparently people during the industrialization was stoked about their free time. There were so many more varieties of leisure compare to before the industrialization because people had more money and time.”


“Yeah, they had to work only 14 hours a day instead of 16 hours a day.”

“That’s shitty.”

“Well, I gotta get going. I’m gonna go see a pop band. have you checked out their song called ‘fuck you?'”

“Nope. But sounds like they might save the pop music.”


One Comment to “Conversations About Nothing 1 意味のない会話 一”

  1. this is so fun to read and imagine who might be saying what. I hope you are also working on a cartoon version. thank you for the translations.

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