Human music measure 人間音楽メジャー

One of the best things I can do while I wait for my manicure to get dry may be updating this blog.


I talk about art and music and literature and stuffs with my friends sometimes.


Fortunately, I have lots of friends who have good tastes of music. And as a result of going to shows nights after nights, I found a really accurate measure to judge quality of music.


Measures are my friend Jordan, Seth the journalist, and my roommate Glen.


First, the show starts. Jordan, Seth and Glen are all listenning to the performance of the band A. 


Most of the time, Jordan maintains the distance from the band A, crosses his arms, listens to music and leaves the venue and starts smoking cigarettes outside and socializing. This is strike one.


Seth is never in the front, but he is listenning to the band A somewhere in the venue. But after a while, he starts to hanging out with ladies. This is strike two.


Glen usually watch the band from the side of the stage because that’s the best spot to see drummers. He relatively stays inside the venue pretty long. But when he slightly looks down and slowly walking towards the exit, that is strike three. Band A is out.


If the band was able to make all of them stay, that means the band is the shit.


For example, Bear In Heaven successfully made all three of them stay at Casbah.


Art and literature are really important means of express oneself, which enrich life and is also good for make people think critically. And there are all kinds of purposes and reasons why people make them, so I don’t like to judge other people’s creative work too much.


But there really are shitty music. I saw this band a while ago, and they reminded me of when I was 17, in the karaoke box, wasted, dancing and singing. But the thing is, it is OK because their purpose of playing music is probably getting wasted and have a good time.


But at the same time, it’s not bad to know quality music.


…I think my manicures are dry now.



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