Vegetarian Werewolf 菜食主義オオカミ人間

Buddha: Where were you at?


Shoko: Went see Vegetarian Werewolf at tin can ale house with Jordan and Peter.


Buddha: How was it?


Shoko: I’m glad that I went because whenever I see good bands or quality art work or whatever, they make me feel I have to push myself harder. I feel lucky that I have that kind of positive people around me.


Buddha: Nice.


Shoko: What did you do today?


Buddha: I was staying in my bedroom all day and totally not recording anything.


Shoko: yea?


Buddha: Yeah. Dude, I personaly think I finally reached the higher level. I used to feel uncool when I wasn’t making music or art and being productive. But now Im able to feel cool doing nothing. I just let myself be.


Shoko: Who do you think you are? That’s just lazy. You kinda sound like a stoner, not a good type of stoner. Stoners who ruin pot culture. Is it OK to smoke as a Buddhist from the first place?


Buddha: There is no right and wrong. It’s a wild world, dude.


thanks for playing Vegetarian Werewolf


4 Comments to “Vegetarian Werewolf 菜食主義オオカミ人間”

  1. Good job calling Buddha out on his laziness.

  2. title is awsome

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